Date Night

I have been working on a fun side-project with 230Films that I am excited to share some concept art from! The artwork is being used in a pitch-deck that they will be sharing with their client for an up-coming commercial. I will be able to share more details about it in future posts, but for now…enjoy!


Custom Commissions

It has been a short while since I shared custom commissions (aside from the snippets I put in my Instagram stories). Below is a small gallery of some of the custom illustrations that have made their way into new homes in recent weeks. I want to thank you all for your continued support of my work. It truly means the world to me!


Custom Commissions

Since graduating from The Academy of Art University in May of this year, I have had an absolute blast taking on custom commission requests for individuals, couples, and families. Each time someone commissions me for a piece I ask them for any details that can be included in the piece that are iconic to person(s) being drawn. It's my favorite part of creating these pieces! To show off uniqueness, and make each piece extra special for the person it's for. 

The following gallery are a few examples of commissions I've taken on over the past couple of months. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!